A Lilly in the Vale

A lily in the vale 
    ('twixt high plain and knoll),
did I in a blessing
meet upon a trail
a flower amongst flowers
in free-spirited milieu
blood dripping carnations
bidding ancestry adieux
leaving weeping black violet
    striped wounds upon her soul

A delightful beauty
    alighting on the shore
desire called to duty
    courage opening the door
countenance kind smiling
    in love's equinox shadow
where sands of rhyme
and sweeping time
    into life's mem'ries flow;
too soon eroding youth's reflexes
love lost in the labyrinth of senses
    jaded by malice and malcontent
    ardor aided without consent
where malaise triggered maggots
    masticate blind bias
fears fan a flaming 
    ill conceiving banal virus
scratching scab gagged secrets
oozing empathy
enfeebling the spirit
    unbeaten and pious

Consciousness strata
protest anarchy
layered in love
    entombed and unserved
thought stream robbers
invading intention
   pillage the mind cellar's most treasured reserves
garden adorned ravaged
   of sweet fragrant riches
coup d'état of the heart
slain languishing art
   entraining aspirant dreams flooding ditches

Overthrown kingdom
cleansing genocide's journey
of emotional tsunamis and cultural betrayal
   relentless army wielding earthly rations   
disrupting peace, assaulting senses
   teeth gnashing troops arousing false passions

Ruthless ruler
Unquenching thirst
Insatiable urges
Imposter of truth
Hater of harmony
Killer of chemistry
Carnal concupiscent
Scorpion queen ego
   of avarice and greed
   should wisdom take heed:
"Look not upon life
as an assailing threat
holding as ransom
    joy to express
for spaceless and timeless
  are yours never to own
  solely in souls are these mysteries known
and best left for the follower of fools to guess 
Escaping loneliness is your bequeathed quest
imprisoned in nature as her unwelcome guest
So acquiesce gently then
   humbly concede;
Allow wonder
   to water the blossoming seed
 assume gladly your sentient throne
 and nevermore with I shall we feel alone"

                                                                                                                                         ('twixt high plain and knoll),                                                                                                                     did I in a blessing                                                                                                                                       meet upon a trail                                                                                                                                              A flower amongst flowers                                                                                                                                in free-spirited milieu                                                                                                                            blood dripping carnations                                                                                                                 bidding ancestry adieux

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