The Painting


"Self Portrait" by VvG

The Painting

Fusion canvassing chromosome strokes 
	from passion’s palette of rapturous hues,
unbidden form shaping, the mind’s eye soaked,
	wending its way through silvers and blues;
Glistering traces mizzling from the sky
evanescent as fireworks on the 4th of July
	feminine contour seductively set
	languishing limerence in festooned silhouette

Born into life with a splashing of glaze,
An ectoplasm of love all ablaze
	Signed and delivered, newborn, to fate
	a star shooting heavenward named celebrate.

Praise and ebullience filling half to a whole,
the twin of her nature and mate of her soul
	for a promise of fortune and illusion of fame
	separated and orphaned by iniquitous domain
Cuffed with a price tag, draped in a store
shuffled thru town like a pimp shops a whore.
	exuding estrangement, while no takers found
	a passing occurred in the absence of sound;
		Hung on the din of some wall until death
		into the dearth escaped her last breath

Taken down like Christ from the cross
doubtless considered not even a loss
	rushed to the place of her bereaving mate
	loveless and lifeless, arriving too late
		cremated in flames on a decaying heap
		Rest in peace, celebrate,love’s legacy shall keep.

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