Requite For A Morning Poem….


Requite For A Morning Poem….

Were it proffered I be met
         with choosing to be gifted;
earthly riches grand to get,
         or that my soul be lifted;
then send to me without delay
         thy thoughts with grace imbued;
adorned in poesy arrayed
         in rhyme to be construed.        
And soon propelled of power from thy immanent mighty pen,
shall my spirit's heavenly course towards love be flown again!
Entrained by the phantasmal phoenix of thy poetic lore,
         suffused with lush enchantment for all senses to adore;
an upward, inward stirring of an ardent scintillation
          wending its romantic way through rapturous contemplation;
arriving by sweet destiny on Cherub wings to find,
         requite for A Morning Poem to be received in kind!!

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