Hello to thee
to my dream of who I wish to be
Speak I to you or you to me?
or you and me of one are we?
      Father Son and Holy Ghost
the womb's protecting trinity
      Desire the seed with Faith engrossed
      garden flowers once fertile most
      with love the sort God's angels boast
      left to a barren field its host
      regret and sin the grave's compost
             churning despair up into hope
                    of images appearing clearly seen:
A turquoise vest and boots of leather
black brown and tan hand sewn together
             a bolo tie of rainbow rope
Fedora khaki colored hat
      a collared shirt of silken white
figure slim in trousers black
             arms folded gently 
      head tilted slight
             stance stationed sure eyes fixed intently
lips loosely pursed around a style
of gunslinger's grace drawn quick to smile!
       wisdom heretofore not heard
understanding froze in time
       salvation melting off each word
truth whistling through love's hanging chimes
beholden under consciousness
       the brilliance of imagination
       birthplace of all incarnation
Atonement and redemptive love
       fulfilling peace all sovereign here
Gaze not outward and above
       for all things external disappear
            Eternal Heaven is found within
            where faith and purpose for life begin....

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