Before I Sleep


Before I Sleep….

The ocean now, calm in dark;
         as peaking waves of soft pillowing foam
         wash gently against my sense of choice
    through sparkling sands on which I roam
each step illumined by the spark
         in the soothing tenor of her voice

The galaxy alive within
    expanding thoughts in tranquil space
         from the senses unattached
    drifting into love's embrace
free from all enslaving sin
         and beguiling guilt with it matched

A silent random voice appears
    out of nothingness in mind
         then, as with nothing to lose
    disappears back out of time
a vortex void of vexing fears
         leaving still, the will to choose

Dancing pleasure drifting through
    a celebrating pall of peace
         closing in around the deep
    turbulence with calm caprice
as keys of consciousness pass to
         the gatekeepers of blessed sleep !!

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