Ineffable Love


Ineffable Love

Ineffable love have I for you
	Ineffable pain not soon to die
		Ineffable thanks for love you gave
blessings of which I never knew
	Mistaken, tho', not you or I
		Mistaken not pursuit to save
			Insuperable truth to which I'm bound
	Mistaken by an ego's lie
		Contrite awaiting at the grave
			tears forsob the burial ground
				Contrite almighty, ravishing strong
		bewildering the proud and brave
			Forgiveness in love can be found
				Forgiveness to the souls belong
					Forgiveness entraining faith and trust
			rebuilds what's been torn down
				Atonement quells the past of wrong
					 and leaves not there one mote of dust
						For in the instant known as time
				Illusions harmonize in song
					Into eternity is thrust
						Life's poetry twin spirits rhyme
							Fate immanent on a higher plane
					uniting true love as it must
						Impelling truth innate to climb
							above the senses' slippery bane
								Hallowed in God's sovereign nest
						stirring fruit of love sublime
							Ask I, (say I ask not in vain!)
								of you this timorous request
							that in your heart's deepest domain
							shall my love,bis,forever reign!!

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