Who I Am…..


Who I am

I am perfect
I am a mess
I am rational, empathetic, and filled with common sense, yet
certifiably crazy;
I am strong and confident with unwavering faith, yet capable of becoming emotionally undone and helpless as a child;
I am pragmatic, scientific, and responsible to a purpose;
yet I believe imagination rules and thoughts as things as yet unseen.
I am spirit, I am soul, I am poetry
I am God’s perfect expression of Himself through me
yet unable to, from myself, set myself free.
I am love, nurturing, caring, and sharing,
yet vulnerable to hate, anger, and jealousy
I am father I am mother I am son I am brother ,
I am friend and lover;
I am all amongst all
and amongst all, like no other;
I am flesh, I am lust, I am sin,  I am man

I am, as appearing to you  Who I am.

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