A Rhyming Snow Waltz


A Rhyming Snow Waltz….

I am the viewer in back of my thoughts
     the film's screen, my mind, an empty template
           upon which (when prompted), parades endless scenes
some past, some present, some others unsought
     marching triumphant through a time traveling gate
           pressing on knowing not its ways and means

I am the light in the darkness within
     the darkness of fear and illusion without
           but for my faith would I but disappear
suffering my ego's insatiable sin
     truth growing dimmer in the shadows of doubt
           a moth to the flame of faith drawing near
I am love eternal and blessed
     the world I abide in I struggle to flee
           my body, my temple, serves me as I will
chosen by God as His holy guest
     gifted with infinite love to set free
           and choose for myself a purpose to fill

I am the inner altar of my life to seek
     all I am able to imagine and dream
           all I create with all others to share 
all I enhance being humble and meek
     all happiness as to me it may seem
           limited all only by the measure I dare.....


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