I am arrived at a crossroads of my (turning tepid) journey
     opposing forces pulling diametrically in sync
tugging me in directions affable and demoniac
     an unrelenting fervor determined not to shrink

A pall of apathy interloping with the ether
     polarizing predisposing thoughts thrusting through ambition
gaiety's satiety jading expectation
     consciousness abducted by monotonous contrition

Which path of the many vying for devoted action
     leads to self-contentment self-fulfillment affirmation?
giving, teaching, sharing life's unique discovery
     conditions reconciling love's frangible relation

Hungrily I eat tho' eating lure me to the grave
     piling bricks upon my bones creating travel slow
Feeling sluggish weary winded, hope a setting sun
     the path I'm on I must get off, let indecision go.....

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