Musings of a Kindred Soul..

    I’ve been reading resplendently profound prose of a relatively unknown writer (which), while eluding elucidation, entrains the reader  along a spiritually enchanting mystery of her personal journey. Her poetry is the quintessence of divine inspiration. Her musings cause a stirring in me such that  (only) God Himself, in the secrecy of my contemplation, can bear True Witness. I hope to continue discovering more writings of this remarkably gifted and blessed spiritual aspirant and tender-hearted soul. Thus far, she is known to me only as Yolanda. I will keep, whatever humble measure of readers God affords me, apprised of any unmasked treasures forthcoming, either past or present. Thanks be to God, for her salutary expression!

Write on, Yolanda……

…..your #1 fan 🙂

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